A simple solution

There are a multitude of small companies that offer separately, on much more affordable terms, local signage solutions more often than not. However, for an advertiser concerned with being present in several geographic sectors, it would be tedious to deal with all these parties. This is where the OAIQ comes in.

A team that works for you

A young entrepreneur, Frédéric Charland operating several dynamic LED billboards in the Montreal region, he had the idea of ​​soliciting independent billboards from Quebec in order to bring them together to represent them to advertisers and media placement agencies. This allowed it to offer SMEs an affordable, diversified and competitive service offering!

    Display ad makes people act.


    New research from TNS confirms that display advertising drives consumers to action.

    • 57% of people take action after seeing a display ad.
    • The 18-24 age group are 74% more likely to act.
    Actions taken
    • Respondents visited a website, searched for information, or visited a store.
    • More than one in ten respondents say they have purchased the advertised product.
    The display ad gets people talking on social networks

    The survey found that display ads motivated more than one consumer to discuss them on social media. More than one in ten Canadians between the ages of 18 and 54 said they shared information with friends and family on social media after seeing a display ad.

    Mobile interaction

    The survey also found that display ads have motivated more than one consumer to interact with them through their mobile devices.

    Display ad with mobility functions
    • 71% of respondents said they wanted to receive coupons linked to products.
    • 65% said they were interested in contests.
    • 59% wanted immediate access to additional information.

    According to this data, including a display solution in your advertising strategy could prove very beneficial to your business. Contact us to find out about the different available possibilities.

    Reference : Ontario Marketing Agency Canada


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